Friday, June 15, 2007


I woke up this morning to Elena moaning in her crib. "Oh, no," I thought. "Another day of miserable, sick children." But, no. No fever. Her blisters are clearing up. Once I picked her up she was quite smiley.

Then it was time to get Garrett up. When I opened the door his first request, before he even stood up, was for "Juuuiiicccce???" Well, I didn't have any for him. That was the end of the universe. Witness the result. Daddy: you said you wanted to see everything that the kids are up too, so enjoy.

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He doesn't bite any more when he's mad (that's Elena's MO). He has graduated to hitting. It'll be great when he actually has words to say he is mad or frustrated. You can't read his shirt in the video or pictures, but one of the lines says, "I am a crab." I thought that was fitting for his mood this morning. Oh, he did sit in timeout for hitting And the other thing I have discovered with his tantrums is that if I let him fuss (without hitting, just whining) for a minute or two and then tell him, "Okay, enough" he usually stops. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case today.

Of course, providing the juice stopped the fussing (given once he settled down a bit). With both babes happy to have their morning smoothie (yogurt and milk mix for more calcium) I took Luke out to do his business. This is the scene I witnessed when I came back:
Enjoying our morning smoothies together.

Bubby, what do you have?

More, please.

Nope, still empty. Think I'll hug my Sissy.

I love you, Sissy.

Awww, Bubby, you're a great big brother.

And the switch. All along it was a plan to steal Sissy's drink. Hers tastes better.

Elena's incredulous look just made me crack up. It was as if Garrett had planned the whole bait-and-switch move from the beginning. He's getting too smart for his own britches, and she doesn't follow too far behind.

Oh, Garrett is feeling better, too. His blisters are better, and even more importantly, he doesn't scream when I change his diaper any more. Thank God for antibiotics! So, our visit with Auntie Becky is back on! Yea!


Oh, the Red Sox have had a terrible run lately. They even dropped two games to the Rockies (yes, Chris, even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while). Shilling went from his best game to his worst. That considered, I figured that they could use all the help they can get. Hence, Elena's outfit today (courtesy of her abuelita, and it was finally cool enough to wear it). When I'm home this summer I think I need to get her a Pats one for the upcoming season!

NOTE: It worked! It worked! It worked! The BoSox have won their last two games. Evidently it doesn't just matter in Football Town. It matters in Baseball Town, too.


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Our Family of 5 said...

They are just adorable! I absolutely love the picture of him kissing her and then taking her cup. Too funn!