Tuesday, April 11, 2006

4 am and baby is ready for the day!

Well, Dany crashed out for the night about 7pm last night. I knew that meant he would be up early today, but I was still hoping that he would sleep until 5 am. We have our embassy appointment today and have to be ready to leave the hotel at 6:30, so I really was hoping for a little more sleep. However, how can I fight a happy, giggling, yelling with joy baby? He's just too darn cute!

As I said, our embassy appointment is today. Hopefully all will go well and we get our visa tomorrow. I haven't been worried about this appointment at all, then yesterday talking to other parents picking up their children they all commented on how stressful the appointment was for them, and how they worried that something would go wrong. Now I have that doubt trying to nag me in the back of my brain. I already packed our bag for the trip (I can only take a large clear Ziploc) and double-checked it twice. Veronica (our agency contact) has been through our paperwork and said that all was ready. So now all I really need to do is get us both gussied-up and just be patient as the embassy staff and the consulate goes through the paperwork.

Speaking of, I had better go hit the shower and start getting ready. The boy obviously is not going to sleep any time soon, and my clock to get ready is starting to tick.

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