Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Day of confusion!

Monday at 12:45 the adoption agency called to ask if I could be in Guatemala that night -- I had an embassy appointment at 8:15 TUESDAY MORNING!!!

Needless to say, I began running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I was still in the process of finishing grades, plus I hadn't finished compiling all our paperwork or packed! Thank goodness I have been blessed with wonderful friends. Katherine, a wife from squadron, began calling the travel agent for me to try to book a flight. Monday night she came to the house to help me pack and figure out just exactly what all I would need to take with me, and what needed to go in my carry-on versus regular suitcase. Cynthia, my friend who recently completed her adoption from Korea, came over to help me pack and let me borrow her Space Bags -- thank you to whoever invented those for a trip like this! They kept reminding me to breathe, and Cynthia reminded me of a very important point -- at the end of all this confusion and hecticness I would have Dany home with me! Somehow Chris knew that I was having a mental breakdown, and called. I thank God everyday that he sent that man to be my husband! To top it all off, my email went down, and I had to call for a tech to come out and repair it. Becky also has been a godsend, putting up with my frequent calls, and being willing to drop all of her life to travel around the world with me to pick up my son.

I was not able to get a flight out until Tuesday morning, so I would miss my embassy appointment. I emailed the embassy to reschedule and now I am sitting on my hands waiting for that email to come back with my new date. I have finally finished compiling all my required paperwork. I have packed. Now, how am I going to stay busy until I get news?

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