Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Today's big event was visiting Antigua. Antigua was the capital of Guatemala when it was a Spanish colony, and only moved when Guatemala City got so large. It still retains much of its colonial feel, right down to the cobblestone streets.

Antigua is the place to go to celebrate Easter in Guatemala. They have processions every day, and decorate the city streets with colorful sawdust carpets. Unfortunately the procession for today did not begin until 4pm, but we still were able to see many of the floats that are carried during the parades. They were incredible. I only hope that the pictures do them half the justice that the impact of seeing them in person had on me.

We also visited a couple of markets while in town. I bought some gifts for folks back home and some items for Dany. I got him the cutest pantalones that are handmade. He also got an extra large hackey sack to play ball with -- he loves playing ball already.

Overall it was grand fun. The only difficulty was maneuvering the stroller along the cobblestone streets. Becky and I were afraid that we were going to lose a wheel or get run over a couple of times. It was very nice to get out of the city and see more of what Guatemala has to offer. It is a beautiful country, and I look forward to coming back here soon with Dany and Chris.

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