Saturday, April 08, 2006

el Mercado

First, it has been said that I need to correct the record. In one of my previous blogs I stated that Becky had not changed any diapers. That statement is no longer true. Last night, Becky had to prove me wrong. Her comment is "It's not that I can't. It's just that I chose not to." So there.

Another question has been, "Who's Dany?" Dany is Garrett's birth name, the name that is on his Guatemalan passport, and what I am calling him for right now. So much else has changed, I figured the least I could do is continue to call him the name he is familiar with. Of course, that said, when I want his attention I call him "Gordo" -- he is such a chunk that his foster mom, Olga, simply referred to him as Gordo, and his head swings in your direction when he hears that name. Becky thinks that I am going to give the boy a complex, but I think that it is cute.

Today has been a good day. Dany is sleeping and eating close to schedule, and while awake is just all smiles, giggles, and shouts of joy. He has found two girls that he particularly likes to flirt with, and they seem to like him just fine in return. Of course, we have to convince all three that it is not nice to grab eyes, hair, and for Dany, that we can bite our own fingers, but not our friends.

Becky, Dany, and I even made a trip to el mercado this afternoon after Dany's lunch. Everyone of the vendors promised us a "very special price, just for you." I managed to avoid the temptation of buying anything so that I wouldn't buy everything. I think that I am going to buy some authentic Guatemalan clothes for him to play with when he gets older. There is a very nice painting of the Mayan calendario on Mayan paper that I can get framed when we get home and hang in his room. Plus, I am debating whether to buy a mask for my classroom -- I love masks even if I don't teach social studies any longer. There are also some Guatemalan toys that I'm looking to purchase. However, all of those purchases will be made tomorrow. Dany spent the time at the market in his backpack (thanks Jeff!) and even took a brief nap as we strolled through.

Well, I think that the little guy is starting to spike a fever with a new tooth. Everything is going into his mouth, and as I type Becky is trying to give him his bottle which he just wants to bite on. Time for Mommy to get the Tylenol and ease the baby's stress.


Anonymous said...

glad that i went through and read all the other updates! Thanks for sending the email and don't worry about things here.......what time do you get in by the way and is there anything that you'll need at the house once you are home? Let me know. I guess that you are in my life to teach me and my children spanish so that Gordo will enjoy being around us! Katherine

Anonymous said...

Hola ellas (y bebito)
Como estan? Okay enough's hard enough typing with one hand (Nathan says hi.dnj utdbg h ys .)rthyds....this is his typing:

Welcome to the club of no Sleep!..when all you pray for is 4 your precious angel to shut his eyes..just for an hour! Ah but the cuteness protects them..they are too cute 2 b angry with. (1 hand typing=lame teen abbrevs.)

Okay...can't wait 2 here u are home..maybe there will be a little box waiting 4 u 2 help your sanity!:)

Meg, Ben and Nathan

Anonymous said...

Beckie and Dany,
How happy we are that you are together at last. We know this is huge and pray for adjustment for both of you.
Loving a baby comes very naturally and we know you are doing fine, though no doubt tired, and happy all at once.
Hoping the zoo trip was fun for all. We can hardly wait to see you in May.
Love and blessings, Mom and Dad in WY

Chris(Dad) said...

I'm hoping that the book stores don't see too much of you! I remember how both of us spent our last afternoon in Guatemala City in December... Even if most of the books were in Spanish! Please read him Buenas Noches, Luna once more for dada. I miss you guys so much. I pray all goes smoothly at the embassy today. I'll be dreaming of you. Love, Chris (Pappa Bear)