Thursday, April 13, 2006

Flying away

Today is the day! We are headed to the airport in a little under an hour. Then it is back to the good ol' USA! We have a 3 and a half hour plane ride to Atlanta, then I have a 4 hour layover there. Hopefully that will be long enough, since the immigration interview for Dany can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Plus we have to go through customs and get screened back through security. In fact, Dany and I take off after Becky is back at home! I just hope that Dany remains a happy baby all day and goes to sleep tonight!

Well, we need to finish packing and get out of here. Next time I post we'll be home and Dany will be a US citizen!

Adios! Hasta manana!


Anonymous said...

Well, Mom and Baby are home safe. Dad got to call and talk to them both after they arrived. As I understand it, he doesn't like being strapped into the carseat very much. I wonder how much of that may be due to unfamiliarity? I'm not sure how much he has ridden in them before. I got to talk to him once Mom and he returned from grocery shopping and Bec said he was smiling really big at the phone. That made me misty-eyed to hear. I sure am looking forward to being home to hold my family in my arms again. Just a few more months.... Next week we are 1/3 of the way done. It won't be soon enough!!


Anonymous said...

yeah! I am glad to hear they are home safe. I have been checking the blog everyday waiting to hear!

Love ,
ps, Nathan says: kmikmkmkmybjmrf ytg u ....(he typed that..or banged it as it were)

Anonymous said...


Its been a really long time since we have spoken but I was thrilled to get the news about your new baby boy from Chris's email!!! I know how proud you guys are and you both will be great parents! Take care of yourself and baby Dany! Much love!

Joni Mclendon and the rest of my gang

Cynthia said...

Update, would you? It's been almost 5 months! BTW, Jack enjoyed splashing with Garrett today!

The McKenzie Crew said...

HHEELLLLOOOOOO out there - wow do you need an updte on your Blog sista - Wow

we met at the Marriott last April. I was with my baby John-Bryan
My folks live in Jacksonville too -do you remember????????

Our adoption blog is